Five Stories

Cai Emmons


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•Co-winner of the 2018 Leapfrog Fiction Contest. •This is a good book for book groups. Could start discussions about how women do and do not have power, how they deploy their power, etc. •Good book for gender studies programs, as a way of provoking discussion about the behavior and psyches of women. •The stories in this collection were written over a period of twenty years, mostly in between novels. Emmons says, It is somewhat embarrassing to admit that only recently, in thinking about what truly motivates me to write, did I realize that almost all my work—the novels, the stories, the plays&mdashhave addressed issues to do with women and power, or lack thereof. I am fascinated by how women in all walks of life are resourceful, even when they feel invisible and disenfranchised. When I looked at these stories through this lens, I suddenly realized I had a collection. • The stories in this collection are the short work of a novelist‐longer than typical short stories. This is a collection with a refreshing attention span. The stories are Munro-length, we stay with the characters in scenes and rooms for an unusually long time considering today’s dwindling attention span. It can be difficult to sustain tautness in suspense, integrity on the line, and character nuance in longer stories, but VANISHING manages it handily.—Marie-Helene Bertino • The protagonists of these stories are victims of the gender disparities that have given rise to the #MeToo movement. Women are still generally paid less than men, their work is ignored and minimized, their voices are often not heard, their bodies are routinely abused without anyone taking responsibility. The characters in these stories operate in such a world and are navigating prickly paths, doing what they can to survive.
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