Uncle Wrigley Visits the Easter Bunny

Uncle Wrigley Visits the Easter Bunny

Gary L. Eder, Tim Eder


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This is a continuing story of a wise old rabbit named Uncle Wrigley that lives in the North Pole and who is Santa Claus’s official weather expert. He has a famous nephew; The Easter Bunny, which he has decided to visit this Easter. Wanting fun in the sun, Uncle Wrigley takes the Easter Train to the Easter Bunny’s home in Sunshine Village. Uncle Wrigley will help the Easter Bunny by marking all the shortest routes to all the little boy’s and girl’s homes on Easter morning. When he is ready to leave, the Easter Bunny suggests that Uncle Wrigley take the Bunny Tunnel back through a secret door from the Easter Bunny’s home to Uncle Wrigley’s home in the Snow Bush. The tunnel has shops where he gets cookies and warm bunny slippers. Back home, Uncle Wrigley smiling, wonders if next Easter will he once again visit the Easter Bunny?