Corrupted Mind of a Woman

Corrupted Mind of a Woman

Zaneta Cannon


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A group of lifelong friends start an organization doing murder hits for bitter, scorned, and abused women that have allowed men to take advantage of them. They generate a worldwide fan base, gaining respect and loyalty, by doing to men what women were afraid to do themselves. These ladies have no morals, dignity, or respect when it’s pertaining to a man. They start to make lots of money by killing and humiliating men. Along the way they run across some personal issues, that will cause a corruption of anger to disburse. Man bashing is an understatement compared to the things these ladies dish out. The ladies always work together and are not to be messed with. They are some rough around the edges ready for war females trained to go by a male confidant to handle the life of crime that comes from the streets. All ladies are from Greenville, South Carolina. With ruthless and killer ways, they have zero tolerance for cheating men. Zen Fuller, being the go-to person for all their needs, is the one with the sick and twisted mind. She put together the hits and keep the group on their toes. All the ladies have been hurt by a man, so the job comes easy for them. Zen goes through a battle with her husband about some infidelity issues, and then Zen becomes more corrupt and dangerous. Reading this book will show how some women think and how a man can make a woman snap by playing with her feelings by cheating and lying.