Dominant Wives Society and Their Cuckold Husbands Volume 7

Dominant Wives Society and Their Cuckold Husbands Volume 7

Candy Kross


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I had awakened from my nap a few hours later to find that I was tied up to our bed! “Lucy!” I yelled out. “Lucy!” I waited for her to come inside the room, but nothing. “Lucy! Where are you?!” She had tied me really good to our bedposts. My ankles and wrists were tightly secured with silk ropes. I pulled my wrists and ankles and nothing. I was bound and I soon realized that I wasn’t going anywhere. About fifteen minutes later, Lucy walked into the bedroom wearing a tight red dress with a plunging back and her cleavage showing. It was a tight number too and I could see every curve of her body. She looked amazingly hot! “What the hell Lucy?!” I yelled at her, still trying to get free but with no success. Lucy sat on the edge of the bed and crossed her legs. I could see that she had on a pair of six inch stiletto heels on. “What’s the matter baby?” She teased me. “You don’t like me being in charge do you?” She ran her long red painted fingernails alongside my cheek on my face.